Sunday, October 10, 2004

A Silly Poem

Was ever there a soul so dead,

That to his wife has never said:

“Move over give me half the bed”?

Then she too with heart quite dead

With strident tone would oft reply:

“Please give me space before I die!”

Is there a pair with heart not dead

That to each other would have said:

“I love you dear.

Stretch out in comfort in our bed.”

And then would find with love’s embrace,

They only needed half the space.

By Howdim


babydufus said...

hi howard
i enjoyed the poem.
very clever, very cute.
i also read some of your posts which i also found insightful.
i'm hoping that a person with your wisdom might care to comment publicly or privately on my own last post.

babydufus said...

hi howard..
very cute, creative and insightful little poem. you seem a man of true wisdom. i sent you an e-mail though the link provided and was hoping you'd respond in time.
thanx and God bless