Monday, September 27, 2004

I suspect you are a sinner!

I suspect you are a sinner!

I wouldn't say that to your face, but I know it is probably true. The Bible says "all have sinned". That means I have too, and I admit it. I know that you don't like to be accused of sin. I don't either. It hurts.

I would, if I could, tell you that it's alright, everybody sins, you don't mean to hurt anyone., you have a good excuse, and it don't matter anyhow. And if it only hurts you, it's nobody else's business anyway. Maybe that would make you feel better.

But if I were a real true friend and cared about you wouldn't it be better that instead of lying to you, I shared with you the real peace and comfort that I found when discovered the real truth is that Jesus loves me, and when I confessed to Him that I was a sinner he forgave me for all my sin! I mean it, He did! I am not worthy of the least of his notice, yet for you and me He humbled himself, came to earth as a man, gave his life for us, that we might be free from the guilt of sin, have power to defeat temptation and sin and inherit eternal life. What is more, it is not for any good thing I have done or that you could do, but it's a free gift because He loves us so. Why don't you confess your sin to Him now and ask Him for this free gift? He will give it to you, He really will!

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Maybe you would like to read my earlier post in this blog: "What Jesus Said.", and the little epistle the Apostle John wrote in the Bible. Look for 1 John in the New Testament.



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Anonymous said...

I read your comment you left my friend in his blog. I just wanted to tell you I understand the words you speak and the knowledge you are trying to express to young people. I respect your insight. You are wise and I was brought up with a southern respect to appreciate the words and wisdom of someone older than myself. I recently joined the christian ministry at my church, i have hopes to be a Youth minister, I appreciate your insight I'm always open to chat with fellow christians, you know with the new fad religions going around in the world people have turned their backs on Christ. Well i wont take up your time. Email me if you want to I would love to hear more from you.

My name is Aimee, and my email is