Saturday, August 12, 2006

He was There

Where was Christ? He Was There!

He was there when I was conceived in my mother’s womb, just as surely as my earthly father was there at the act of intimacy that resulted in my conception. He gave the gift of life to grow the fetus and a child was born. It was I.

He was there when I believed and I was born again. His Spirit witnessed with my spirit that He loved me and that I was His child. By His grace my sins were forgiven. By His sacrifice I was redeemed and set free from the power and slavery of sin. By His love I became a citizen of heaven.

He was there when I surrendered all to Him and was filled with His Spirit. He poured His love into my heart. My sinful nature was subdued. Christ became my abiding place. He came to abide in me. I began to decrease. He began to increase.

He was there when I exchanged my life for His Life to strive to know Him, to serve Him, to be like Him until that day when I will forever view His face in glory!

He will always be there!