Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Why Do I Love Jesus

Why Do I Love Jesus?

I love you Jesus,

For being light in my darkness,

For being a guide in my blindness,

A lighthouse when I was lost in sin,

My loving Savior when I was a sinner,

You are the sacrifice that redeemed my soul.

You are my rock in the quagmire of sin,

My rich resource in my poverty,

My spring of living water for my thirst,

My loving friend when I am In trouble,

A counselor when I am foolish,

A disciplinarian when I am wayward,

A loving friend when I am in trouble,

A great help when I am helpless,

The God who answers my prayers,

You are the example on which to pattern my life.

No wonder they call you:

The pearl of Great price,

The bright and morning star,

The lily of the valley,

The fairest of ten thousand,

The rock of ages,

The light of the world!

You are my Savior and Lord!

How blest I am!

Do you know my Jesus?

He already knows you,

He longs to be your friend.

He wants you to know His mercy, grace and love.

He gave His life so that He could be your Savior too.

Will you accept His offer?


Joseph Smith, Jr. said...

Interesting blog. Enjoyed reading it.


Joseph Smith Jr.
Mormon believe

sweet_innocent said...

That's why I love Jesus too :)!