Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What A Christian Is Like

What is a Christian Like?

In the fifth Chapter of Mathew Jesus tells us what it is like to be his follower..
We read, "Blessed are--- " Only God supplies "blessing" It is His favor, His reward, His approval. Only his own receive all of it.
Now I paraphrase, verse:

3. "Blessed are those who recognize their need of God for spiritual and moral help, wisdom and guidance, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

4. Blessed are those who have a godly sorrow for their sins and are conscious of their helpless condition, for they will be comforted with forgiveness and salvation.

5. Blessed are the teachable, and co-operative, for they will overcome the world with Me.

6. Blessed are those who really want to be Godly and obedient to me, for they will succeed in their quest.

7. Blessed are those who are unselfishly kind and helpful to their fellow man, for they will receive an abundance of kindness.

8. Blessed are those whose lives are free of willful sin and have only worthy motives, for God calls them his own children.

9. Blessed are those, who quell strife, violence, and hatred; for they are called Gods children.

10. Blessed are those who receive persecution because of their uprightness and morality, for God will give them a place with Him forever.

11. Blessed are you for I appreciate you when you are unjustly accused, slandered and defamed, because of the stand you take for God

12 You may rejoice and celebrate for your reward is surely coming, you will have your place of honor with all the worthy ones who have gone before!

It pays to serve Jesus.


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sweet_innocent said...

I want to be more like that!