Monday, April 30, 2007

The Greatest Job In The World

The Greatest job in the world is to be GOD'S man!

God's men have been Prophets, Disciples,Missionaries, Apostles and just ordinary men like you!

To Be God's man all you need to do is: Have Faith.

If you believe, God says: Be still and KNOW that I am God! My grace is sufficient, My power is almighty, My will is that all men be saved. The sacrifice has been made, The price has been paid. I share all my nature with you. I sent My Son, Jesus and My Holy Spirit. You are born again. You are cleansed. You are empowered. You are compassionate. You have eternal life. You are immortal!. And most of all I love you.
You are God's man.

To do God's work:

Give Him your body, mind, heart, love, and obedience. Just do what he says in His word, and tells you by his Spirit!
It is His work, not yours!


Milton Stanley said...

I can relate. One of the most comforting thoughts to me is that I long to be God's man--not as in The Man, but in the sense of defining myself as his servant.

By the way, I just this past week found your comments from where you visited one of my weblogs more than a year ago. Sorry for the delay in replying, but thanks for reading and commenting.

Happy blogging!

Beata said...

People should read this.