Thursday, December 30, 2004

Can You Answer This Riddle?

What is greater than God, worse than the Devil, dead men eat it, and if you eat it you will DIE?

Send your answer to me: or leave a comment, If your answer is right I will send you a confirmation.

Love, Howard


ooohsusanna said...
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ooohsusanna said...

Yes, I think I know the Answer to your Riddle... It Has to be "NOTHING "
God is the greatest in the world and Jesus is the greatest that has been given to Mankind. The Devil wants to destroy us and kill both our body and soul. There is Nothing worse than Satan . And the Dead don't eat and if we don't eat we will die from lack of food just like if we don't read God's Words our soul will die (it's our Spiritual Food)

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