Friday, November 12, 2004

About Jesus and Me

The Preachers Kid

Jesus now is the focus of my life. It wasn't always that way. I was a reprobate hypocrite.

I was a Pastors son, born in a parsonage, brought up in church. My religion was environmental not personal. I was always interested in science, particularly, electronics. I was employed by the Army Signal Corps as an engineer during WW2. After the war I started a Two Way Radio business in Ferndale, NY. Built a house for my wife and family of three girls and a boy. I joined a local church and became a very good hypocrite. Many nights I wept in my pillow for I didn't know the Lord. An evangelist from Pittsburg called Rusty came to our church, he was the son of the largest beer distributor in that city, but he had found the Lord because he was infatuated with a pastors daughter who wouldn't date him unless it was to go to church with her. When he did he heard the Gospel for the first time gave his life to Christ.

He was so full of the love and compassion of Jesus. It just spilled out of him as he spoke. He showed that love to me and my wife. And we gave our lives to Christ.We wanted that Love. That changed my life. I loved my new life, Church became a joy. Sunday school was a blast. Prayer meeting was delightful.
As my business grew, the burdens of running the business, supporting a growing family was hard. But temptations of putting temporal things before spiritual things. Short cuts on integrity etc, etc. Skipping my devotions. Coolness set in and I had lost the joy. A brother-in-law reminded me that something must be wrong with me, he said I lost my tenderness. After a while I began to admit it to myself. I decided to spend some time alone with God and get this thing settled. As I poured out my heart before Him I promised to sell my beloved business, become a missionary or do anything he wanted me to do no matter what it cost. I was desperate. This was the turning point. I can never explain it, but Jesus spoke to me as if we were face to face. He said "I want you to give your family and business to me. You run things for Me. You are my friend I will be with you and show you the way!"
He did, and He does yet. There are still hard times. But since I determined to have that "ruthless trust" in Him and obey His Spirit completely. I have a source of power that spans the universe, and I know a LOVE that is unconditional and unshakable, followed by a joy that is unspeakable and full of glory.

I am now 86 years old. God has been so very good to me. I live in Florida, attend a wonderful Church where people realley love the Lord Jesus. Visit us :

Love, Howard


babydufus said...

again thanks Howard!

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring and upifting..Thanx! Howard!

Kuan Cheen said...

Hey Howard, thanks for the sharing! Am really encouraged, make me feels I have a long long LOOOOOONNGGGG journey and walk with Him till I get to my 80s :) But it's gonna be a blast at the end of the road!

God Bless & Finish the Race!

Kuan Cheen, Lim